Sports Round-Up 10/25

MLB – World Series

Cardinals 4 – Red Sox 2

Well, we called it again!  The Cardinals beat the Red Sox at Fenway last night.  It was some good ‘ole fashioned rough and tumble baseball, and this DA girl will admit – I had fun watching this game.  Cardinals’ rookie pitcher, Michael Wacha, pitched a powerful game to top Red Sox rookie pitcher John Lackey.  If any game was a match-up to watch, this was the game.  Through the first 5 innings the game was an impressive pitchers dual.  Both young pitchers held the score to 1-0.  It was not until David Ortiz hit a massive bomb (homerun) in the bottom of the 6th to bring the Red Sox back into the game.  The Cardinals rallied to responded in the 7th .  Red Sox Lackey walked D. Freese with one out and then gave up a single to J. Jay to put two on base.  The Red Sox then pulled their rookie righty and looked to the bullpen to get them out of the jam, bringing in C. Breslow.   The Cardinals responded to pitching change by putting some speed on the bases, pulling Freese (who was on 2nd) and putting P. Kozma in to pinch run.  (And RUN he did!)  Both Kozoma and Jay stole bases, advancing to 2nd base and 3rd base.   Then, Cardinals’ Breslow walked D. Descalso to load the bases with only one out.   The Cardinals capitalized on their bases-loaded opportunity when Carpenter hit a sacrifice fly to left (meaning he was out on the catch, but other base runners tagged up and then were able to advanced) allowing speedsters Kozma and Jay to reach home to put 2 on the board.  Then Beltran (pulling a Dodgers’ Hanley Ramirez and playing with an injured rib) nailed one to right allowing Descalso to score, bringing the score to 4-2 Cardinals.  Needless to say, Boston could not answer back as the Cardinals’ young bullpen pitched flawlessly to finish the game.

Now that the series is tied 1-1, the teams will travel to St. Louis for the next 3 games.  This will be challenging for the Red Sox as St.Louis is a much larger field than Fenway.  The Red Sox will have to bring their best pitching and keep their bats working one inning at a time.   St. Louis will have to keep calm and not get too ahead of themselves.  Game 3 will be on Saturday at 4:30 PM PST.  Red Sox veteran Jake Peavy will face Cardinals young righty, Joe Kelly.  This will be a very interesting match-up because the difference in experience is tremendous.  Peavy has been playing in the big leagues since 2002; Joe Kelly made his MLB debut last year.    With that being said, my prediction is that youth takes this game and the Cardinals win Game 3.


Kings 7 – Coyotes 4

Talk about a game I wish I had been at!!  I don’t think I have EVER been to a hockey game with a score this high.  The Kings took a massive 4 goal lead in the 1st and then blew it in the 2nd and the 3rd to the Coyotes to tie the game going into the 4th.  Then they rallied in a HUGE way to come back and win the game 7-4!  Kings’ Dwight King had 3 goals!  Kings goaltnder, Jonathan Quick had 28 saves, TWENTY-EIGHT!  All I can say is, “GO KINGS GO!”

Sharks 1- Bruins 2

The San Jose Sharks fell to the Boston Bruins; we don’t like the Bruins here at DA (HB edit: don’t bRuin your life!).  I didn’t see any of this game; I don’t like the Bruins or their fans.  (HB: Uhh and as Kings fans… we haaate the Sharks… if there was a way for both teams to lose, I’d have prefered that.)


Panthers 31 – Tampa Bay 13

Going to be honest, I did not watch this game… not even one minute of it.  The Panthers beat Tampa Bay 31-13.  Tampa Bay is now 0-7 on the season.   Just another unimpressive Thursday night match-up.  I am looking forward to some Sunday Football after two yawn-worthy weeknight games.

HB: I did… it was meh… Basically… the Bucs fans are calling for their coach’s head (even worse than SC was for Kiffin’s)… I mean the fans actually show up with signs and in costumes begging for Schiano to be fired


But, the main take-away from the game is that Cam Newton has one b-e-a-utiful smile (apparently I’ve spent the last few years hating on him too much to take notice) …


check out this face…

Okay, carry on (but … that really is one good looking man). 

NBA – Pre-season

Didn’t catch any of these games either, but the DA girls are really looking forward to the season opening next week!  We love us some basketball!  (HB: Lakers’ news… rumor has it, we’re going to have yet another bumpy season… we got “younger” with some new players, but I don’t know if we’re young/athletic enough.)

That is all for this morning, I am off to get my hair done. (Going brunette….)  I will catch you all later with a weekend preview!  X’s and O’s.


Friday KFern Konfessions – The Mistakes We Make

KFern here!  It’s Friday and that means I am going to spill a little about myself in the hopes of helping you all out a little bit.  (There is a scary thought.)  Friday Konfessional is a weekly spot where I will talk about the real, the bad, the good, the ugly, the amazing – ANYTHING that’s going on in this DA girl’s life so that you can learn along with me. (HB will chime in from time-to-time as well I am sure!)

First, you should know that I am the most stubborn, head strong, passionate person there is.  As much as I would like to believe that I was born this way, I have to attribute many of my “bullish” ways to my long list of “life lessons.”   The joke in my office is that I am a “man-eater.”  I earned the nickname one day while I was on the phone, fully utilizing what I call my “assertive voice.”  It’s not that I am mean, but over the course my life I have developed very little tolerance or patience for games.  I know what I want, when I want it and believe doing whatever I can to get “it.”  I can, at times, be cranky and sharp; especially when I feel people are not taking me seriously.  In many regards, these characteristics are why I have been successful in my career, my athletics, and my friendships.  However, in my “relationships,” it has had the opposite effect.  I have to admit that while in every other area of my life I am fairly fearless, when it comes to guys – I get scared. Image

I share this because I KNOW there are more of you out there like me.  You are the guys’ girl; you have more guy-friends than girl friends.  You basically have a bunch of brothers, and nine times out of ten, when you meet a new guy you instantly friend zone them.   You are the MASTER friend-zoner; you talk sports, you point out all your hot friends, and you take shots of whiskey like a pro.  But, there is that one guy, the one you don’t want to friend zone.  You like him but you don’t know what to do.  You are torn between what comes easily to you and the unknown.  Trust me – I feel you.  So what do we do?  Well, I don’t have all the answers yet.  BUT there are a few things I do that I shouldn’t (and you shouldn’t either.)

  1. I ASSUME EVERY GUY IS THE SAME.  Don’t assume every guy is the same.  Yes, the down side of having a million guy friends is that you inevitably know more than you want to about their bad habits.  BUT, not all guys are created equal.  If there is one thing I have learned over the years, it is that some guys do change when the right girl comes along.  Until a guy gives you a reason to NOT trust them, then you have to trust them.  So, just because you have constructed some weird reason why your dude must be a player, don’t use it as an excuse.
  2. I TRY TOO HARD WHEN I AM NERVOUS.  Be yourself.  I am the WORST at this.  My guy friends call me out about this fault constantly and I am so grateful for them.  Anyone who REALLY knows me knows: 5 days out of the week I am completely make-up free, 4 days out of the week my hair is in a ponytail or bun, 7 days out of the week I will be sweaty at SOME point in the day, I am awkward, I laugh uncontrollably all the time, and I am dork.  Don’t get me wrong, I can pull off the Barbie doll look just as well as the next girl, but it’s not really me.  As my best friend once told me, “just be 100% Kristina 100% of the time, and someone worthy of your time will take notice.”  Make this your motto.  Trust me, it is hard to not be yourself for very long. (Besides, you’re a DA girl… you have WAY to many other things going on to have time to be fake.)
  3. I DON’T ALWAYS SAY EXACTLY WHAT I MEAN OR WHAT I WANT.  Don’t be afraid to say exactly what you want to.  As I said in the last post, “guys hate games.”  They really hate games.  If you have something to say, SAY IT.  Don’t beat around the bush by sending a million coded text messages, this only drives the guy crazy and makes him want to have nothing to do with you.  I know it can be terrifying to say how you actually feel, to put yourself out there and break down your wall – but this is a “go big or go home” situation.  Plus, like ripping off a band-aide, being direct will either get you a positive or negative reaction, which is what you are looking for.
  4. I CAN BE SARCASTIC AND PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE.  Don’t be passive aggressive when you don’t get the response you want.  This is NOT the time or place to be a hard-a$$.  I said it before, I’ll say it again (and maybe it’ll finally sink into my head): relationships are not about out-smarting anyone.
  5. I HAVE A HARD TIME ADMITTING I MESSED UP.  Know when you are wrong and make amends.  If you end up doing any of the above, or mess up any other way, know when to swallow your pride and apologize.  If you went crazy and sent twenty texts, don’t get defensive when you get called out for being psycho (just accept you had a crazy girl moment.)  You messed up and you need to apologize with one text OR one phone call.  (Then put your phone on time out for a few days.)
  6. I TAKE IT PERSONALLY.  Last, but not least, don’t take it personally (or as a failure) if the guy you like doesn’t like you back.  Think about it, you have had your heart broken before, you probably thought life wouldn’t go on… but you are here reading this blog, so clearly you lived.  Think about it this way, you don’t end up liking every guy you meet; it’s only fair that the reverse be true too.   I know this is hard, TRUST ME – I know.  Fact is, as much as we like to control every other area of our lives… we can’t really control this part.  (That was hard for me to admit.)

Alright DA ladies, whether you are single, attached, married, or just going through life with your head in the clouds (it’s pretty nice up here);  HAVE AN AMAZING WEEKEND.   Remember, not everything will go according to plan and that is ok, call an audible and adjust!  You got this.

Sports Round-Up 10/23 – 10/24

Boston Red Sox

Boston Red Sox (Photo credit: Keith Allison)

Water Cooler Sports Recap

MLB – World Series

Red Sox 8 – Cardinals 1

As I (KFern) predicted, the Red Sox took Game 1 of the World Series last night in Boston.  (I am not saying this because I like the Red Sox, I can honestly say I don’t like either team, or the color red for that matter.)

Jon Lester was stellar on the mound throwing 7 2/3 innings for Boston, striking out 8, and allowing no runs.  Wainwright on the other hand looked like he was struggling to find his spots over the plate and had to work especially hard to get out of each inning.  By the end of the 5th inning Wainwright was already at 95 pitches and STL decided to cut their losses (or attempt to) by looking to their bullpen (who also struggled.)

Offensively, the Red Sox were on fire and took complete advantage of the wavering Wainwright. Both David Ortiz (Big Papi) and Dustin Pedroia had 2 RBI’s.  The only Red Sox players to not get a piece of the ball were leadoff hitter Jacoby Ellsbury and Jonny Gomes.  The Cardinals bats were not working last night, nothing much else to say about that.  Carlos Beltran got nailed in the rib cage and was taken to the hospital… (can you say Karma is a B?  I seem to remember Hanley Ramirez playing through the NLCS with a broken rib thanks to the birds…)

In other news, for the first time in the history of Fenway park, fans from both teams got along;  this was due to the fact that neither side could tell who was rooting for whom as everyone was wearing head-to-toe RED.

BIC Razors announced they will become an official sponsor of the Boston Red Sox and has offered to provide the city with a year’s supply of razors in anticipation of all those playoff beards that will finally need to be removed.  Concurrently, Boston officials are in the process of hiring extra plumbers in preparation for the city wide drain disaster that will result from the “Great Shave of 2013.”  (Totally made this up, but BIC should think about it.)

What do you need to know about Game 2?  Red Sox righty John Lackey will face off against Cardinals right Michael Wacha.  Statistically speaking Wacha has had a better post-season.  It goes without saying that if the Cardinals don’t find their bats tonight the Red Sox could easily take Game 2.  My prediction?  I think the Cardinals find some momentum tonight and win Game 2 to balance out the series.  Wacha has been fairly impressive this year and seems to do well under pressure.  The good news for all you ladies headed to a Thursday night World Series party… just wear your best red and know who is pitching.

NFL – Thursday Night Football

The 3-3 Panther take on the 0-6 Buccaneers tonight. Chances are, nobody will watch this game.  (HB edit: I can tell you I won’t be… as this sounds like a terribly boring game, but somehow… the NFL always manages to bring the ratings in… No doubt it’ll beat the World Series game.) The Buccaneers haven’t looked like a football team all season and apparently have some bigger fish to fry with the recent outbreak of MRSA among the team.  If I was the Panthers I would demand every player on TB get doused in anti-bacterial soap prior to coming on the field.  Last weekend Atlanta sent a team of Hazmat clad personnel to disinfect the locker room after the game.  (More on that here.)  I will let HB chime in here if she has anything important to add. (HB: #$%& MRSA is what I have to say.  For those who don’t know, I lost my best friend Devin Adair [Daily Audible, DA, is a little homage to him] to this stupid monster of a “bug”… he also contracted it playing football… so I get extremely passionate and angry about this subject.  Something more needs to be done to keep these players safe!!  Ok, back to your regularly scheduled programming.) 

That’s all for now with your sports round up!  We will be back tomorrow with some more sports recaps and your weekend preview!  Happy Thursday!

Sports Round-Up 10/22

Your Water Cooler Sports Round-Up

NFL – Monday Night Football

Vikings 7  v. Giants 23

The Minnesota Vikings “took on” the New York Giants last night at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.  Both teams are having completely atrocious seasons and not too many people were impressed (or even interested) in this Monday night match-up.  All you really need to know is that the Vikings made the Giants look like a real football team (…kinda.)  The Giants walked away with their first win of the season by completely shutting down Vikings quarterback, Josh Freeman, who made his debut last night.  Freeman managed a measly five first downs against one of the worst ranked defenses in the league and the Vikings could not reach the endzone after the first quarter.

Bottom line: two of this season’s worst teams played each other, it looked like high school football, and the Vikings are worse off offensively than we thought.  You can expect to see some big Viking names shopped around to teams that are actually playing well this year in the next few weeks.

MLB – World Series 2013_ws_logo

The World Series starts tomorrow when the Red Sox take on the St. Louis Cardinals at 4:30 PM PST.  The Red Sox will start lefty ace Jon Lester against Cardinals righty Adam Wainwright.  Jon Lester was with the Red Sox the last time they won the World Series six years ago, along with current teammates Dustin Pedroia, David Ortiz (Big Papi) and Jacoby Ellsbury.  Lester has been phenomenal so far this post season giving up only five runs in 19 1/3 innings.  Wainwright is a veteran of the Cardinals club and considered a leader for the team. Some fun facts you should know about this match up:

1. This will be the first time the two teams have met in the post-season since 2004.  In 2004 the Red Sox swept STL.

2.  Teams that win Game 1 have won 20 of the last 24 World Series.

3. The Red Sox are on the hunt for their 8th World Series title and their 3rd in the past 10 years.  Key players: David Ortiz (Designated Hitter), Justin Pedroia (Second Base), Mike Napoli (First Base), Jon Lester (Pitcher) and Shane Victorino (Right Field).

4. The Red Sox have Jacoby Ellsbury (Center Field) whom is currently the number 1 basestealer and scored more runs than any other player this year.

5. The Cardinals are in the hunt for their 12th World Series title and their 3rd in the last eight years.  Key Players:  Carlos Beltran (Right Field), Matt Carpenter (Second Base), David Freese (Third Base), Yadier Molina (Catcher), Adam Wainwright (Picther).

My predictions?  I think the Red Sox will take game one and possibly win the World Series in 6 games.  This is an incredible match-up as these are the two best teams in baseball this year!  This will definitely be a fun World Series to watch.  (And that is coming from a die-hard Dodgers fan!)

NBA – Pre-Season

Knicks v. Raptors

The exciting game last night was the Knicks v. Raptors game, which went into double overtime!  The Raptors prevailed over the Knicks with a final score of 123-120.  Raptors players DeMar DeRozan had 21 points, Rudy Gay had 19 and Terrence Ross came off the bench with an impressive 27 points. (But, the moral of the story really is that pre-season basketball doesn’t mean a thiiiiing. So don’t get too excited.)

For more NBA scores look here!

That’s it for now!  But we will be back tomorrow with some more water cooler sports talk.

Running For A Lil’ Blue Box



Oh the things a girl will do for that lil’ blue Tiffany & Co box.  This weekend I joined 30,000 other stylish, spirited and tenacious women in running 13.1 miles through very hilly San Francisco for the 10th running of the Nike Women’s San Francisco Marathon.  Nike really outdid themselves by rolling out the red carpet for all 30,000 women and providing a flawlessly executed race.  I have run dozens of big races and usually have at least one mishap, but not this weekend!  From sign-up to crossing the finish line, Nike made the race fun and memorable.  First of all, the event website was easy to use and even available in a phone ap for any girl on the go!  Every runner had a complimentary 15 week training plan, news and updates almost daily, and the camaraderie of other women on their journey to the blue box!

Race weekend was also a HUGE success and I am sure I am not the only one that felt like a pseudo celebrity upon arrival! Checking in was easy and once inside the Expotique there were tons of awesome sponsors to interact with. Neutrogena was handing out full size swag of face moisturizer and facial products, Paul Mitchell was styling race ready hair, and there were millions of photo opps for every selfie queen (i.e. yours truly!)  


After the Expotique I headed over to Nike Town San Francisco and was styled by one of the AWESOME Nike stylist for my race.  Nike had tons of race gear available and (as far as I know) kept all sizes fully stocked.  I have to say, I am usually a lululemon athletica girl, but I was throughly impressed by the quality of gear at Nike.  I ended up running in a Nike Pro Bra and the Nike Miler Singlet. I am happy to report that for the first time in my entire race career I had NO chaffing anywhere.  


The morning of the race was absolutely surreal.  Let me tell you, nothing gets your blood flowing like seeing 30,000 women gathering in the streets of downtown San Francisco.  As I left my hotel room, I joined a few other women who were also walking to their assigned coral. We talked about why we run and what was special about this race.  Every woman I spoke to this weekend had a cool story behind the race: running for Team In Training, running to celebrate losing 25lb’s, running with a group as a 10 years high school reunion, running to celebrate cancer remission… the list goes on and grows in inspiration. I was in the first coral right on the starting line and was joined by women from all over the world!  Two tiny fast looking women let me know that they had flown all the way from France for the race, another women came from Japan, and another from South Africa!  As the countdown began for the start, all that went through my mind was this, “we all run for different reasons, but at the end of the day running moves us in more ways than just physical.”  


I guess you could say I am still on my runners high, basking in the glory of crossing the finish line to a group of handsome firemen in tuxedos handing out lil’ blue boxes.  It is a weekend I will never forget and I hope to be invited back next year!   If you are interested in running the race, join Nike+ at so that you don’t miss out on the registration Lottery next year! And until then, get off the couch, join some girlfriends and run!  Running is great for stress and even better for your body (it’s done this DA girl’s body good!)


Sports Round-Up 10/18-10/20

Your Water Cooler Weekend Sports Round-Up 



Dodgers v. Cardinals

Ugh, to the complete horror of the DA girls… The Dodgers got completely destroy by St. Louis on Friday.  The final score was 9 – 0 which is insane seeing that Clayton Kershaw was pitching for the Dodgers (and he’s nearly impossible to hit off of).  It was just a complete bummer of a game for LA fans as it looked like the Dodgers had been Space Jam’ed.

Red Sox v. Tigers

The Rod Sox also managed to end the series after six games, beating the Tigers 5 – 2.  We’d write more here for you to be able to talk with your co-workers… but if your co-workers are Boston fans, you have bigger issues to deal with (sorry, but boo Boston).

Next up: Red Sox v. Cardinals in the World Series … gooooo birds!!


You can catch a summary of all of the games here.   But, there are a few games that everyone will be buzzing about in the office.

Broncos v. Colts

This was the most talked about game of the week as Peyton headed back to his ex-team, the Colts.  The Colts famously told Peyton that they were ready to move on from him two seasons ago (after he sat out the entire season due to a neck surgery).  They did so knowing that the King of Stanford, Andrew Luck, would be the #1 draft pick (and the Colts were in the middle of their “Suck for Luck” season).

Peyton has somewhat shocked the world thus far this season and seemed to have only gotten better with age.  There are a lot of different speculations as to what happened with Peyton in this game (as it seemed like he was throwing a football with a parachute attached to it … i.e. the ball tended to float and not hit his target as sharply as it usually does)… some of the critics say that Peyton can’t show up in big games (sigh: kinda true, but we love us some Peyton), others commented on the fact that the dome roof was open (and Peyton doesn’t do too well in the cold… we feel ya bud!).  Anyways, when all was said and done, the Colts came out victorious 39 – 33 (though, the Colts unfortunately suffered a ton of injuries, including Reggie Wayne tearing his ACL).

Patriots v. Jets

It has been a bizarre NFL season already, and the Patriots/Jets game was no exception.  The Jets ended up winning, in overtime, thanks to an extremely controversial call.  The Jets were lined up for a 56-yard field goal attempt, and Nick Folk (the kicker) missed, as expected.  However a yellow flag came sailing onto the field, essentially causing everyone to gasp in anticipation.  Turns out, Patriots rookie defensive tackle Chris Jones was flagged for a 15-yard unsportsman like penalty.   You see, there’s this new rule in the NFL that you cannot push your own teammate from behind.  NO PUSHING IN FOOTBALL!  (ICYWW, this call nearly broke the internet as Twitter just completely exploded.)  That call ended up giving the Jets a second chance and 15 extra yards… Folk later came on to kick the game-winning field goal (in the NFL, OT is sudden death during the regular season… another rule we strongly dislike, but that’s for another time).   Jets win: 30 – 27.

College Football

We’re too upset to talk about college football as USC just couldn’t make it happen against Notre Dame this weekend (a game that we really should have won… grrrr kicker, grrrr!!).  But in happier news, UCLA lost to Stanford (in a great game we might add), and basically every SEC team that hadn’t lost yet lost (so that’s awesome).


Here at the DA, we’ll be the first to admit we’re not the most fashion forward women. That’s not to say that we don’t like to be fashionable… we just tend to (like guys) “not get” some of fashion’s trends.

Today’s edition in WTH was the fashion world thinking… “Oxblood” is apparently the trend of the fall. Why on earth would you name a color after the blood of an animal?! We’re all about eating animals (sorry PETA) but not sure we’re down with being dressed in the color of one’s blood. Just awkward.

Carry on.